Iron Sulfide Awareness

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Iron Sulfide (FeS) Awareness


Iron sulfide is a compound that will ignite spontaneously on exposure to oxygen, and release a large amount of heat and toxic gas. It is created during many refinery processes when hydrogen sulfide reacts with iron in carbon steel, such as that in piping, tanks, and exchangers. During maintenance work, any iron sulfide present can react with the air. This awareness level training module provides an introduction to iron sulfide, where it may be found, how it can be harmful, and how to stay safe in areas that may contain iron sulfide.

Module length:  approximately 5 minutes


Upon completing this training module you should:

  1. Understand what iron sulfide is.
  2. Understand how iron sulfide can hurt you.
  3. Be able to identify sources of iron sulfide.
  4. Know how to stay safe in areas that contain iron sulfide.
  5. Successfully complete the Knowledge Checks.