Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness

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Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness


Hydrogen sulfide (also known as H2S, sewer gas, swamp gas, stink damp, and sour damp) is a colorless gas. It is extremely flammable and highly toxic. At higher concentrations or continuous exposure to low concentrations it deadens the sense of smell and is no longer detected by the nose. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) hydrogen sulfide is one of the leading causes of workplace gas inhalation deaths in the United States. It is used or produced in many industrial processes such as oil and gas refining, mining, pulp and paper processing, and textile manufacturing. Boat or ship tanks that contain untreated water, sewage, decaying fish or oily waste have microscopic organisms and organic material that can decompose and produce hydrogen sulfide. It also occurs naturally in sewers, manure pits, well water, oil and gas wells, and volcanoes. This awareness level training module provides an introduction to hydrogen sulfide, where it may be found, how it can be harmful, and how to stay safe.

Module length:  approximately 10 minutes


Upon completing this training module you should:

  1. Know what hydrogen sulfide is.
  2. Understand how it can hurt you.
  3. Know how to stay safe in areas with hydrogen sulfide.
  4. Successfully complete the Knowledge Checks.