HAZWOPER Awareness

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The HAZWOPER regulation is intended to prevent and minimize injuries and illnesses resulting from exposure to hazardous substances. This module focuses only on emergency response operations and not on hazardous waste site clean-up operations. There are different levels of HAZWOPER training and this module is the first level of training or First Responder Awareness level training. This training is a good foundation for understanding the basics about hazardous substances. It will help you know how to recognize a release and what you should do if you discover one.

Module length: approximately 30 minutes.


Upon completing this training module, you should:

  1. Understand what hazardous substances are and how they can hurt you.
  2. Know how to recognize a hazardous substance release.
  3. Understand what you should do if you discover a release.
  4. Know who to notify when you have discovered a release.
  5. Understand that site specific training is still needed.
  6. Successfully complete the Knowledge Checks.