Benzene Awareness

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Benzene Awareness


Benzene is a clear, colorless to light yellow liquid with a sweet odor and is a component of products made from coal and petroleum. It is toxic and extremely flammable. It is found in crude oil, diesel, natural gas, and in many other products like plastics, detergents, degreasers, pesticides, and others. Workers in areas where benzene is or may be present must be provided with information and training when initially assigned. 

This awareness level training module provides basic facts about benzene, where it may be found, protective measures needed to stay safe, routes it can take to enter the body, and the impacts it can have on health.

Module length:  approximately 10 minutes


People completing this training module should:

  1. Know what benzene is.
  2. Understand how it can hurt you.
  3. Know where benzene may be found at the worksite.
  4. Know what you must do to stay safe when in areas where there could be benzene.
  5. Successfully complete the Knowledge Checks.


You will have two weeks to complete this course.