Static Electricity Awareness

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Static Electricity Awareness


We all need to have an awareness of static electricity in our workplace and in our daily lives. Static electricity is the build up of electrical charge on objects, people, or substances because of contact and friction between the things. It is important to note that this can occur from liquid to liquid, solid to solid, or liquid to solid contact. The charges build up until they find a way to discharge to restore electrical balance and become neutral. Sometimes this discharge can be very dangerous and result in serious injuries, fires, or explosions. This training module provides an understanding of static electricity, how it can be generated, where it is likely to be generated, its hazards, and how to stay safe.

Module length:  approximately 15 minutes


Upon completing this training module you should:

  1. Understand what static electricity is.
  2. Understand how static electricity can be hazardous.
  3. Know how to stay safe around static electricity.
  4. Successfully complete the Knowledge Checks.