Hearing Conservation

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Hearing Conservation (Occupational Noise Exposure)


Exposure to loud noise damages the inner ear and results in permanent hearing loss that cannot be corrected. It doesn’t matter if the noise occurs at work or during recreational activity. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) twenty-two million workers are exposed to potentially damaging noise at work each year. Although hearing loss is common, it is completely preventable. This training module provides information on hearing conservation, how much noise is too much, how to protect from permanent hearing loss, and how to use hearing protection equipment.

Module length:  approximately 15 minutes


Upon completing this training module you should:

  1. Understand how too much noise can damage your hearing.
  2. Understand how much noise is too much noise.
  3. Know how to protect yourself from permanent hearing loss.
  4. Know how to properly use equipment that can protect your hearing.
  5. Successfully complete the Knowledge Checks.