Fit Testing: Train-The-Trainer

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This course is intended to provide essential knowledge for conducting successful fit tests and recognizing the situations resulting in failed tests and how to correct the failure. This module will also cover all information required to fit test another person, including introduction to fit test theory and practical walkthroughs of the procedure for each style of qualitative fit test (utilizing the compounds saccharin, BitrexTM, or irritant smoke), and the required recordkeeping requirements. The focus of this course is on information needed to conduct a qualitative fit test, not quantitative fit tests.


Course length: approximately 1 hour.


Main topics of this course include:

  1. Understand what a fit test is.
  2. Understand when and why a fit test is necessary.
  3. Know the difference between a qualitative fit test (QLFT) and a quantitative fit test (QNFT).
  4. Know when a qualitative fit test is not allowed and a quantitative fit test must be done.
  5. Know how to choose an appropriate qualitative fit test method.
  6. Know what equipment is needed for irritant smoke, saccharin, or BitrexTM fit tests.
  7. Be able to prepare fit test solutions, and make sure equipment is working.
  8. Be able to conduct a qualitative fit test using irritant smoke, saccharin, or BitrexTM
  9. Recognize a failed fit test.
  10. Understand fit test record keeping requirements.