Fall Protection Authorized

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This course is appropriate for the classroom portion of Fall Protection Authorized training. It expands considerably on the awareness level information but is not competent person training. It is appropriate for people who will be assigned to be in an area, or to do a job, that exposes them to fall hazards, but will not select equipment, anchor points, or make decisions about what methods of fall protection should be used. It explains the difference between the authorized person and the competent person. It provides general information about the basic components of fall protection systems, general information about inspection, safe use, and maintenance of equipment. It also covers important fall protection concepts that anyone who is wearing fall protection equipment needs to know, like free fall distance, fall clearance distance, hazards of using fall arrest equipment, and rescue. Additional site specific, and hands on training about the specific fall hazards and with the specific equipment to be used on the job, will be required. The first part of this course is the Fall Protection Awareness module.

Module length: approximately 85 minutes.


People completing this training module, should:

  1. Understand the terms authorized person and competent person.
  2. Understand the basics of fall protection.
  3. Have a general understanding of the basic components of fall protection systems.
  4. Have a general understanding of how to inspect, wear, and maintain personal fall arrest equipment.
  5. Have a general understanding of the safe use of fall protection systems.
  6. Be able to tell if you have enough distance for your fall system to work correctly without causing injury if you do fall.
  7. Recognize the dangers of fall protection.
  8. Know what to do if you or someone else falls when wearing fall protection equipment.
  9. Know who to ask for help when you are unsure about any part of your fall protection.


Some site-specific and hands on training is required for certification as an authorized fall protection worker. A list of the onsite training needed will print with the online training certificate. A qualified supervisor should be able to quickly document demonstration of hands-on skills and other required site specific information.