Electrical Safety Awareness

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Electrical Safety Awareness


Electricity has long been recognized as a potentially serious workplace hazard. Since electricity is such an integral part of life, it's often not shown the respect it is due. Many people are unaware of potential electrical hazards around them, putting them at higher risk of electrocution. This awareness level module provides an introduction to electrical safety. This module is for unqualified people, people who don't work with electricity as part of their normal job. Qualified people have specialized training in electrical theory and safety. All other people are unqualified.


Module length:  approximately 15 minutes


People completing this training module should:

  1. Have a very basic understanding of how electricity works.
  2. Understand how electricity can hurt you.
  3. Understand the basic hazards of electricity.
  4. Know how to stay safe around electricity.
  5. Successfully complete the Knowledge Checks.